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Us for Ada Bojana

by Ada Bojana For Me
Category: Blog posts

Anonymous Apel, who drew attention to a problem that is becoming more and more obvious on Bojana, arrived yesterday at our website, and we must not ignore it.

Ada Bojana is in danger! That peace, that tranquility that provides the banks of the Bojana for us forever in love with nature and silence, threatens to disappear. More often on Adu come guests who are looking for crazy nighttime and loud music by the morning, and they organize themselves very loud all day and full-time parties, not noticing that Bojana is not like the rest of the commercial coast, but that it is a protected nature park and a little and valuable a haven of lovers in enjoyable beauty and outdoor activities and activities.
Noisy and boastful, unconscious to ruin a unique place in Montenegro, these guests are like inviting us to educate them about what this place is and what is not.
Ada Bojana is a peaceful, tranquil paradise and is unique in the entire region. Bojana is the most beautiful escape from the heat, gloom, crowds and stress. If we do not want to disappear as such, we must protect it together!

I ask all Bojan's house owners to explain to their guests what Bojan is - that people have come here for years to rest and enjoy peace and quiet in the most beautiful nature. I appeal to you to say that it is ABOVEED live music, parties, rampage through the houses ... especially after 01h !!!!
I also appeal to the local self-government to provide a supervisory body to visit the houses and inform people that after 01h music is prohibited by the houses, because if it is so in the city, WHY then it is not on Bojani who is the oasis of peace and tranquility ???
Bojana is no longer sleeping and resting, she has become one of the great discos, because every other house plays as loud music as possible to overcome the neighbor who gives another type of music, while the rest are forced to watch and listen to this show!
Isfrustrified by the fact that more and more visitors, who come here for years, complain about what Bojana is turning into and because of their "desire" to leave this place, I had to react.
At Bojana I'm 15god, and I'm a native of Ulcinj, my are at Bojana 35god, and we came to run from here, and we are the biggest lovers and fans of her charms 😢
Let's restore the Peaceful Peace, serenity and paradise that she has so far unselfishly given us!

I hope these words will have a positive effect ....
Thank in advance

We invite you to participate with us in the discussion on how Bojana should look like a tourist destination. In the above appeal, the biggest accent on loud music, however, is to contact us if there are other problems?

What rules do you need for caterers, and what for guests?

Please for your comments and suggestions here below in this blog post. All comments come first to the editorial office for approval, and comments containing hate speech and insults are not published.

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