Adabojanafor.me allows you to advertise any offer that may be of interest to tourists in the zone from Ulcinj to Bojana.

You have a restaurant, a kayak school, a dental clinic, a handicraft store or any other offer for tourists in this area, adabojanafor.me offers you the possibility of advertising through the banner.

Banners are graphic solutions that appear on this site in three sizes and three positions. They are rented on a monthly or annual basis. On this page you can see all three types of banners:

1. A, big banner - in the header, above this text, The size is 1600 × 330 pixels, appears on all pages except the Home page and Accommodation page. It is rented by category (eg Restaurants, Bars, Tours and sightseeing, Kitesurf, etc.). This banner does not have the ability to link with other pages, so it is desirable that the graphical solution contains all relevant information. Up to three banners can be found on one page in rotation.

2. B1 and B2, medium banner - to the right of this text, the size is 250X350 pixels. This banner appears on all pages, and the tenant should emphasize on which page he wants to show (Home, Accommodation, Restaurants and Bars, ...). This banner may contain a link to your site or your ad on adabojanafor.me. Up to three such banners can be found in a rotation.

3. C, small banner - below this text, the size of 250 × 166 pixels. This banner when leased, appears on all pages. This banner may contain a link to your site or your ad on adabojanafor.me.In the rotation, there may be at most two such banners.

See the banner prices on the page Pricelist!

If you are interested in advertising, please contact us via the contact information on the page Contact.