There are two ways to contact this site. If you rent accommodation, you need to register yourself and post your own ads. If you want to advertise another service (transportation, restaurant, kite school, pharmacy, shop, etc.), contact us at page Contact, and we will place your ad. The price list is the same for both types of ads and you can view it here. Each ad will only be published after receiving the payment.

More details on registration and placement of real estate ads:

  1. Registrationon this page you can register your account
  2. Once you enter your order, fill out the form first My profil. Here you enter contact information (telephone, email, skype, your name or nickname) through which the interested persons can contact you to arrange for the issue. Please note that you provide accurate information!
  3. Then on the form Add new ad, you can place ads, one ad for one property you are issuing or selling. The ad must contain at least one photograph, but it's good to have them as much as possible. It is also important to fill in all other fields, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square meters, etc. The more you fill out the form, the more chances are that a potential customer will decide exactly for your offer. Therefore, we recommend that you state everything Additional amenities which guests have with you, e.g. parking, air conditioning, tv, internet, which is the distance from the beach isl.
  4. In the end, it will be necessary to comply with Price list Pay advertising through the instructions you receive as soon as you enter the ad.
    During this time, your ad is on hold. As soon as payment is settled on our account, the ad will be published.

For all doubts and ambiguities Contact us here, we are here to help!