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These days the project Fitness & Yoga Ada Bojana enters the third year of its existence, and can already boast some serious numbers:

  • Through 30 organized events
  • Over 500 students
  • Dozens of instructors and lecturers
  • Facebook page with over 5.000 licks
  • Facebook group with over 14.000 members

How did all this happen?

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When you do not know what to do, do what you love

To get you covered with a car while you're walking through the pedestrian, you get compensation and go for the first time on a holiday in Adu with a friend of yoga instructor, it might seem like a series of random events. But the same year you're ruined by the firm you work in and you simply decide to leave office life forever and start doing just what you really like, to recognize thousands of other people and support you in that ... it already confirms that there is no coincidence in life. This is how the Finess & Yoga project Ada Bojana was created, a series of unpredictable circumstances and a firm decision.

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Retreat Me - what everyone needs

Siniša Račić, the founder of this project, is one of the pioneers in organizing an active holiday in this region, and we can say that Ada Bojana amongst the first to bring the concept of yoga retreate, which is already widespread in the world. Organized accommodation, food, yoga classes and other activities, and always a lot of nice socializing.

The goal of every Sinisa retreat is that after him you will always be a little better, healthier, more fulfilled. It is intended for all ages, individuals, couples, families. The whole concept implies a desire for cognition, new spiritual experiences, mastering new knowledge and skills. All this with a lot of optimism and under the slogan: Relaxation and spontaneity without any prejudices.

And the concept was received.

It seems that this is exactly what today needs each of us - an opportunity to return to his body and spirit everything that saves his modern life.

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Variety of city and activity

Contact with nature is essential for the integrity of our being, so these events are always organized in places of exceptional natural beauty and good energy. In winter mountains, fly the sea. Apart from Ada Bojana, this team also visited Zanjice, Mamula, Divcibare, Tara, Stara Planina, Fruska Gora, and there are still some very interesting destinations.

Apart from a variety of places, you can always expect other activities with yoga: boot camp, Qi Gong, Kundalini yoga, diving, kite surfing, school photos, walking tours .... This summer we are waiting for something very shy .. in August AcroYoga! And along with Thai Chi, Hatha Yoga, fitness.

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Qi kong finess & yoga ada bojana

Many passed through Sinisa for the first time to Ada, and continued to return. Some others, thanks to these events, for the first time on Ada in the seasons, in May and June, saw it in a totally different way and once again met this place, a place of powerful energy of the sun, the sea, the wind and the sand.

The project started at Ada and at Adu is always coming back.

This season you will have several occasions to join this team:

Hello to the Sun - Spring Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga retreat on Ada Bojana 23 -30. May

Tao Alchemy at Ada Bojana (Qi Gong, Neigong, Neidan, Tai Chi Chuan)

Yoga Retreat Ada Bojana 20-27. Jun

Acroyoga on Adi Bojani By Acro Shizz 1- 8. August

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