Skadar on Bojana, Bojana in Skadarlija

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irenaHow did Bojana get to Skadarlija these February days? Sisters who grew up on the cobble of Skadarlija, Ivan, Mina and their long-time friend from Ulcinj, sea wolf, Irena, sheltered this frenzy.

In Skadarlija, in their family house full of Bohemian history, Sisters Antonijevic opened the restaurant House of the Great with the intention to continue the bohemian tradition of Skadarlija, through rich program and thematic evenings. Irena Knezevic, the main cook and the chief of the kitchen Konobe near Ranko, is waiting for the seafood specialists this weekend. What is common with these three ladies is the love of Bojana and close to 20 years of joint holidays at Ušće.

While preparing a menu of seafood specialties, we are talking to all three about Ada, catering and old acquaintances.

How did you first come to Ada?
Mina: For the first time, our parents sent us another 97, they paid the hotel exactly to Ada Bojani. I immediately fell in love with that place and continued to come, and 2000 bought myself a bridegroom. Ivana was a little shocked by the wild, but quickly adjusted. Today we can not imagine another type of vacation, we come with children and for them it is a real experience of nature and the sea.

How do you remember Irena?
Ivana: A girl who constantly fuses with fishing nets and can repair your boat from the boat. Do not be afraid of boils, go out to the sea and then when it's scary. This is Irena, the real child of Bojana and the sea.

How did you find yourself in the hospitality industry?
Mina: The house in which we lived was, believed or not, an urban plan for Skadarli from the '77 foreseen for cabaret! And indeed, the house has a colorful history, in which many well-known figures from the world of art lived. It was also my grandfather's dream to open a restaurant with various accompanying events here. That's how it will be, we are preparing a permanent image of the group's artists 5 palette, which was created exactly in this house, and there will be thematic exhibitions. We will have host-guests of the evening who will create me and the atmosphere by themselves. The first such guest is Irena with the menu of Ada Bojana.

And my wish is that the host-host will once be Pešo (who knows Pasha, he knows why I say it).

tavern at the ranks

What are your oldest memories of Ada Bojana, when did you start coming?
Irena: At Adu, my parents were first brought to me as a baby, so I do not remember that moment. But when I think about childhood at Bojana, I remember the old fishermen's sisters, which today are almost nonexistent, and the untouched nature that I miss.

How did you start working in the Konoba?
Irena: As a little girl, I loved my late grandfather and daddy to go to the fish, but I always barked around the restaurant and the kitchen. Here I had the opportunity to learn from the best ones, first of all, from Sonja Milacic, whom I owe both knowledge and love to the cuisine.

How do you remember the first encounter with Min and Ivan?
Irena: Even as a kid, the guests were in prison next to mine. That was more than 15 years ago. They were my neighbors, I remember that Mina was painting on the terrace, and Ivana was constantly laughing, I remember it. I helped them around the boat and gave them instructions from driving.

You say that you make the best black risotto at Bojana. Is there some secret that you can share with us?
The secret is in my magical hands, it can not be copied. 🙂 A joke aside, it is important to have a fresh scrub from the Adriatic Sea, and the recipes are more or less the same.

Mina Ivana Irena

If you are in Belgrade, come to the House of the Great 6. and 7. February on fish soup, black risotto and other sea specialties.

More information here.

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