Us for Ada Bojana

the mouth is dyed in the dusk of the day

Anonymous Apel, who drew attention to a problem that is becoming more and more obvious on Bojana, arrived yesterday at our website, and we must not ignore it. Ada Bojana is in danger! That peace, the tranquility that provides the banks of the Bojana for us forever in love with nature and silence, threatens to disappear. More and more ...

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Skadar on Bojana, Bojana in Skadarlija

How did Bojana get to Skadarlija these February days? Sisters who grew up on the cobble of Skadarlija, Ivan, Mina and their longtime friend from Ulcinj, the sea wolf, Irena, sheltered this frenzy. In Skadarlija, in their family house full of Bohemian history, Sisters Antonijevic opened the restaurant House of the Great with the intention to continue the bohemian tradition ...

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Fitness, Yoga, Ada and lots of good energy

These days, fitness & yoga project Ada Bojana enters the third year of its existence and can already boast some serious numbers: Through 30 organized events. Through 500 attendees of Tenth instructors and Facebook facebook fans through 5.000 Facebook group with over 14.000 members How to get All this happened? When you do not know ...

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Women kitesurfers about kitesurfing and other "extremes"

8. March, a holiday of remembrance of those women who, with their struggle for equality, enabled women to attend today, to vote, to work, and ... if they want to, they ride a kite. Therefore, we are presenting you today several heroines from the beach, Ana, Sara, Marina and Ivan. These girls, who today move their borders and destroy prejudices, not only drive ...

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Old Town Ulcinj - free guide by DZ

On the Adriatic he always pirates who could. Pirate piercing is a habit, what is done on the sea, a part of the marae. Pushing with regular trade was considered a generous spring of income and wealth, so it was practiced everywhere as a norm ... In Europe, it's up to 17. v. piracy call like everyone else; ...

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In love with Ada, Bojana and the sea

plaza by tina maric

Have you ever fallen in love with Ada? Or someone in you? You must have fallen in love with Ada, in Bojana, in the sea or in the sunset. Therefore, Happy Valentine's Day! Beautify this day with someone in love with one of our greeting cards. Simply click on the photo and share it on your friend's profile. (in the photos, thank Tina ...

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Longboarding Ulcinj - through the olive trees of Valdanos


The ideal conditions for kite-surfing are not all that Ulcinj can offer to passionate riders. The euphoria and excitement that arose when the Maestral starts to blow, is an invaluable experience for every cabin, and this is precisely why they are there. But what if there is no wind? Maestral sometimes removes Jugo and that means too long, overwhelmed the day for ...

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After the storm on Ada and Ulcinj

In the winter in winter

Strong, stormy storms that struck Ulcinj a couple of days ago and a large part of the Montenegrin coast, were silent, and heavy, rainy clouds that had been altered, combined with some sunlight, are really spectacular scenes. Here's what they look like after the storm of Ada Bojana and Ulcinj.

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Boris Judin - Ada Bojana is part of my existence

Boris Judin has 23 years and lives almost all his life either on waves or on the snow and is certainly one of our most talented extreme athletes. He has practically grown up at Ada Bojana with parents who are great fans of water and snow sports and with professionals from the Dragon Project team, in order to ...

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Ulcinj Salina - free guide by DZ

The raw area of ​​Ulcinj Salina is somewhat inaccessible and isolated, but there are ways to visit. From the center Štoja you can take a bike towards Ulcinj, go to the right on the first turn and follow the road to the end. You will reach a muddy and muddy canal of fifteen feet wide. A dozen meters to the right of the channel is a scaffold that can withstand ...

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