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Ada Bojana and broader area

Ada Bojana is an uninhabited river island of beautiful and very special river Bojana at the very mouth of her in the Adriatic Sea. Thanks to the beauty of this island, the whole Ulcinj Riviera gained the popularity of the 70 and 80 years, which are considered to be the golden age of Ulcinj tourism. Many even named Ada Bojana also call the wider belt - the Great Beaches and the city of Štoj which are sloppy, and also have similar charms and charm. If we look at how everything looks on the map, we will immediately notice that the powerful river Bojana is responsible for the vividness of the entire region, and with it we begin this small geographical glossary.

River Bojana

The river Bojana (Albin Buna, lat. Barbana), although only 44 km long, is distinguished by many specifics. It springs from the Skadar Lake to the city of Skadar, and flows into the Adriatic Sea, and sweet and salty water flows to much of its flow. This creates a very complex eco-system consisting of sutropic and Mediterranean plant and animal species. The Bojan's mouth in the Adriatic is a protected nature reserve in which it lives around the 143 fish species and close to 300 bird species.

river colored

By the amount of water it brings to the Mediterranean, the third is the river after the Nile and the Po river in Italy. These are also contributed by the tributaries of Bojana, Drima, Drimnjača and Kiri, which not only enrich the water, but also bring large amounts of embankments, stones and gravel from the Balkan mountains. This dike in encounter with sea waves for thousands of years already creates the finest sand from which a sandy beach 12km long has been created, as well as only the river island of Ada Bojana that extends yet another 3km all the way to the border with Albania (use the Google map at the top of this page to help you looked at the entire landscape). Bojana is peculiar in that the bottom of her trough is below the sea level for entire 5 meters. In addition to this riverbed, Bojana also has an underground watercourse at a depth of about 10 to 15 meters below its current bottom. (more on this here)

Ada Bojana

This river island was formed by stranding the Trogir ship Merito in the 19 century in shallow water at the Bojana Boulevard between the two smaller islands that existed there. This island, which is changing shape every year from the year to year, has been raining the sand. One side of the island goes to the sea and makes over a long beach 3km, and the other two are surrounded by two Bojana sleeves. The island is the area of ​​600 hectares and its larger part and today it is completely uninhabited.

the mouth is dyed

Ada Bojana was completely desolate until the 70 of those years, and then 74 was built in one part by a nudist complex that made it a famous tourist destination. This complex of apartments, bungalows and a nudist camp is the only official hotel in which you can accommodate the island. In addition, you can stay in one of the famous fishermen which are located along the right bank of Bojana. What should not be missed is a visit to some of the fishermen of Colorado restaurants who nurture the tradition of fishing and preparing freshly caught fish.

ada colored beach


Ulcinj is a city that dates back to the ancient period, and today's appearance of the city reveals layers of many epochs, from the remains of the Illyrian period, the Middle Ages, through the Renaissance, Baroque to the Ottoman era. The Romans called it Dolcinium. If you find yourself in Ulcinj, you need to visit the Old Town and several historical buildings that are representative examples of medieval architecture, but also the way of life. These are Kula Balsic from 14. century, the Plate of Venezia and the Market of Robes.

ulcinj old town

The Ulcinj pirates were known for the resale of slaves, which were shipped from captured ships to those in Africa. Hence, in Ulcinj today, there are several families originating from these North Africans who once came here as slaves, but eventually gained freedom.

It is believed that one of the famous slaves in Ulcinj was the well-known Spanish writer Miguel de Servantes. Some documents prove that he was actually kidnapped from a Spanish ship and brought to Ulcinj to serve. How is his most famous book - Don Quixote, created after this slave, it can be believed that the character of Dulsinee and her name is really a homage to an Ulcinj woman whom Servantes wanted to break away from oblivion.

ulcinj small beach

Ulcinj today with something over 20.000 inhabitants, makes a multicultural and multinational environment with a special charm of the east and west connection. If you want to taste the authentic products of Ulcinj, be sure to visit the market for the purchase of home-made products, primarily olive and olive oil, and you can have an extraordinary gastronomic experience even in one of the traditional chefs, burekdžinica and pastry shops.

ulcinj market

Velika Plaža and Donji Štoj

The big beach extends the 13 km towards the Albanian border, and the beauty of nature has imposed here the development of tourism. So along the highway slowly the city of Donji Štoj is growing, with numerous residential buildings, but also apartments for rent. Stojani are especially proud of their extremely landscaped gardens and orchards, so if you stay here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the lush vegetation. Traditionally, this is the end where fruits and vegetables are grown, but the population is also engaged in cattle breeding, and you will be able to buy domestic produce from the peasant just along the path you are going through.

Donji Štoj te'ga

bottom sheep

Along the Great Beaches, there are beach bars and restaurants offering sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach, while striving to preserve the natural ambience. There are several here car camps where you can enjoy the shade of pines on the beach.

The increasing popularity of Great Beach is gaining in the world of water sports. It is recognized as one of the best destinations for kite-surfing and windsurfing and from year to year brings more and more foreign tourists searching for wind and good surf conditions.

big beach

kayt by tina maric

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