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The river island of Ada Bojana is located in the delta of the river Bojana, at its entrance to the Adriatic Sea. On both sides it is surrounded by Bojana's sleeves, while the south side of the island is just the seashore of the sea and makes 3km a long sandy beach. From 1973. on the island there is a nudist settlement and probably Ada owes him most of all his glory. The specific characteristics of the flora, fauna and geological features of this area have made the mouth of Bojane become a protected nature reserve that attracts many naturalists. From here on, frequent visitors are researchers and bird watchers. And there are always fishermen there.

Thanks to Bojana's fishermen and their cabins on the river, a unique type of vacation developed here - a stay in the cabins and a complete experience of life on the river - first morning bathing in Bojana, later in during the day in the sea, cruising in fishing boats, eating in authentic fish restaurants etc. for a specific group of visitors is an invaluable holiday and brings them every year.

In the last ten years, on the right bank of Bojana, on Velika Plaža, which extends even 13 km to Ulcinj, sports tourism is increasingly developing through kitesurfing, windsurfing and other water sports. The spacious sandy beach and the strong wind of maestral bring more and more surfers each year, from the region, from abroad, and numerous schools and kitesurfing clubs organize competitions and promotions of this sport throughout the season. This contributes to the development of the tourist offer in the small town of Donji Štoj where many apartments are offered for those tourists who are more interested in the Great Beach and its contents.

Sea, river, sand, sun and wind There are five reasons to choose this place to spend, and Ada Bojana For Me is there to ease your search for all other, perhaps less important but necessary things.


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